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Business information – Development of various teldomains. Search engine optimalized high performance websites, mobile optimalized, no hosting, no contracts
Pro. Tel SEO site
Register, setup and populate a multi-page pro .TEL site with search engine optimization at the subdomain level. Up to 20 SEO pages for improved local awareness by your prospective customers.
Telnames site Set up service
Register, setup, populate a TelNames site for your small business. Your site will have the same format as this one but with your images, video, coupon, sale items and your content. With 70% of shoppers using their smartphone get mobile-friendly now!
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We have a large ammount of Teldomains that still need developing.Those domains are locked but you may request acces with the "View private data"option in the Top right or bottom left corner
Why do i need a teldomain ?
A .tel domain allows you to create a mobile site that you own and control wihtin minutes.Quick, easy and affordable way to be found by more customers. Mobile search is booming.
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